We are Aaron and Caitlyn. Our story began over ten years ago, when we were just seventeen year old theater kids in High School. One day, Aaron bravely decided to ask Caitlyn to go bowling. Two weeks later, at a Halloween Movie Night Aaron hosted – while watching the movie “Alien” – we decided to officially date. Fast forward nine years, and we finally decide we should probably get married. In our classic October-loving style, our reception was a huge Halloween party.

We’re the kind of family that enjoys casual gatherings with friends and family; playing board games, eating good food, and going on adventures. Aaron personally enjoys playing video games, building things by hand, solving logic puzzles, reading comic books, and creating art. Caitlyn enjoys playing in the mountains, reading anything and everything, trying new recipes (especially for baking), and studying Biology. Some of our favorite shared interests are hiking, playing board games, traveling to interesting new places, collecting/creating art, and attending theater productions. These are all things we’re super stoked to share with our kids!

Thank you for taking the time to read our mini-profile! I hope that you are doing well, wherever you’re at in your process.


Aaron & Caitlyn

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