adopting a baby
Congratulations – You have your baby!
We are so happy to be a part of this adoption program! We appreciate the strength, courage and love it must take to make an adoption plan.

We just celebrated six years of marriage. Eight years ago we met as ‘wing-men’ for our friends on their blind date and have been together ever since. We are complete opposites in the things we like: TJ is Mr. Football, spontaneous and likes to be around people. Adrienne is Artsy Fartsy, a planner, and more of a home body. Although we are very different, our morals and values match up. We are very genuine, honest, hardworking, and take pleasure in making people laugh and enjoy life.  We have found many ways to share our differences which definitely makes life interesting! TJ appreciates Adrienne’s love of romantic comedies and usually suggests them when going to the movies! Adrienne supports and encourages TJ’s coaching and reffing of youth football. We both come from small but close families. TJ’s family lives nearby and Adrienne’s is in the process of moving closer – our support system is very strong. We look forward to having them all be a part of this journey with us.

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