Adopting Parents
Adopting Parents
Adopting Parents
Hi! We are Roman and Allison. We appreciate you so much for taking the time to get to know us as a family. We admire you so much for making an adoption plan for your child. Adoption is so beautiful, and it has been a huge blessing within our family. Roman was adopted at birth, so we would love the opportunity to adopt a child of our own.
We have known each other for 10 years and have been married for 7 years. We have one child, our 3 year old son named, JR. He is super smart for his age, loves reading, and loves anything to do with trucks! We believe he is our miracle, and we are blessed so much to have him in our lives.
We have always thought about adopting to add to our family. Roman and I tried to have another biological child, but unfortunately, we suffered from secondary infertility issues on both of our sides.  We found out that our only chances of having any more biological children, would be through IVF. We didn’t want to risk the chances of several failed attempts, and deal with the emotional rollercoaster along the way. We have had a peace about adopting ever since and believe it is the perfect way to add another bundle of joy to our family. We would love to become a family of four and have a sibling for our son to grow up with. We are interested in an open adoption; exchanging phone numbers, sending pictures, and having visits with you throughout the year. We are comfortable with as many visits as you may need, according​ to your comfort level.
Roman is a Software Engineer, and he graduated with his BA at Boise State back in May, 2014.  Allison had the privilege of staying home with our son for two and a half years. Currently, she is working part-time. We do plan for Allison to be a homemaker again when we are blessed with another child.
As a family, we enjoy hiking, camping, biking, and going on off-roading adventures with our local off-road club. We love being outside and exploring all of the beautiful places that Idaho has to offer.
We look forward to the chance of getting to meet you! Thank you again for reading a little about us and who we are.
Roman, Allison, and JR

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