Hello we are Krystalynn and RJ. We are so excited to grow our family. We are looking forward to this new chapter in our life together. Krystalynn is banker so her hours are perfect for spending time with family and friends especially around the holidays. RJ does technical support for a cell phone carrier, his shift is flexible which allows him to have a balanced work and home life. We enjoy going camping, hunting and fishing, we are looking forward to experiencing the great outdoors with the little one. Both of our families are beyond excited to have an addition to our family. RJ is an only child and Krystalynn has a younger brother, so we come from small families but with all of our cousins and close friends our family feels huge. RJ loves to go shooting with his dad and playing video games as well as reading comics. Krystalynn enjoy crafting, crocheting and jewelry making primarily. We go out to the RJ’s parents family farm and there is always quite a bit of help they need with the animals. This year was the first year Krystalynn got a chance to see a calf being born, it was quite an experience to help with the birth of the calf. Spending time with family and going on adventures is what we love to do most. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us.

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