Adopting parents
Adopting parents
Adopting parents
Congratulations Rick and Amber!  You have a baby!
Hi – we’re Rick and Amber. Thanks for taking a minute to read our profile. We are a down to earth, Christian couple just looking for a child to love. We both have close family members who were adopted, so adoption is a normal part of family to us, and we are excited to make adoption part of our own family story as well.


We’ve been married for eight years, and we’ve had some great adventures so far, but we’re ready to start a family. We’re ready to have new adventures including more than just us. We have so many memories to make and dreams to make come true.


We live in a great neighborhood, in one of the best school districts around. Our pug, Lucy, shares our home with us, and loves playing in the backyard or running circles in the living room. She’s hilarious, and she’ll be a great friend for any child living in our home.


We are both teachers, so children are already a big part of our lives. Rick teaches middle and high school in a Christian school – some math, some history. Amber teaches high school English Language Development, for kids who speak another language at home. We each have a little over 40 students this year. We call them “our kids.” Seeing them each day is such a blessing, as we get to see them take risks to become better learners, better people.


We want to be part of the story for one precious child. Our home is ready.  Our hearts are ready.

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