Hi!  We’re Natasha and Richard and we’ve been together for 11 years and married for 8 years.  We’re originally from Tennessee, but moved to Boise 7 years ago because we knew it would be a great place to raise a family. We love living here!

Although we can’t possibly imagine how difficult this decision is for you, your strength and desire to examine all of your options is inspiring.  We have so much respect for you and know that you’ll make the right decision for your child- whatever that decision may be.

After nearly 7 years of trying to start a family, we became parents to our daughter, because of the selfless and brave decision made by her birth mother in choosing an adoption plan and picking us to be her parents.

We have an open adoption, so we regularly talk with our daughter’s birth mom who is a very special and important part of our lives.  We would like to have an open adoption, if you feel comfortable with that.

We really enjoy doing things together as a family.  We’re always having fun whether we’re going to the park, hiking, cooking dinner, traveling or just running errands together. Sometimes Natasha can convince Richard to go out and sing Karaoke with her…even though Natasha’s a terrible singer!

Our daughter loves playing with other children!  One of her favorite things to do is talk on her pretend phone and say “Ahllo” 🙂

A unique thing about us is that we’re also business partners!  We started our own business because we wanted to work from home so we could spend lots of quality time with our kids one day.

Richard was an advertising executive before starting our marketing company.  In addition to being a marketing & business consultant, Natasha’s also an attorney part-time.

We’re excited about growing our family through adoption again because we’ve always wanted a big family!

If you choose us to parent your child, your child will be unconditionally loved and well cared for, and they’ll know how very much you love them.

We hope to get the chance to meet you! Throughout your journey, you’ll be in our thoughts and prayers.

– Natasha & Richard

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