After-Pregnancy Support

After-pregnancy support

After your pregnancy, you’re still not alone.  A New Beginning provides post-pregnancy support through counseling, community resource referrals and a peer support group called “Connections, It’s a girl thing.”  Your mental, emotional and physical health is vital to your journey and success.  This is an important time to address a big part of your emotional journey as well.   We’ll invite you to join one of our very powerful support groups.

Stay Social

The Birth Mother Facebook page is a private page and an invitation must be sent to you.  Once you are provided permission to be part of the group, you and other members can access the page and post and have conversations with other birthmothers.

A website forum for birth mothers will be available to girls and families considering an adoption plan for their baby or children.  Birth Mothers will be invited to answer questions and/or make comments directly related to the conversations on this forum.

If you are interested in being part of the forum or Facebook groups, please contact

Sharing your Adoption Story

Many birth mother’s find it helpful to share their own personal adoption journeys with other birth mothers by becoming a mentor. Many also share their stories by presenting or being a discussion panel with adoptive families considering adoption.  Not everyone feels comfortable sharing their story.  If you would be interested in sharing your incredible story, please let us know.

Birthmother support group

Connections is a support group that meets once per month.  Always a safe and comfortable environment, it’s dedicated to helping birth mothers bond and build relationships with other like-experienced women.  We request that you sign up as a member, FREE, but participate in only the functions and activities that make sense to you.   Most events provide you an opportunity to bring a friend who may also be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or is at some point in her adoption.   Each of the events are fun with an educational element.  To become part of this group, please contact

The next meeting will be held TBD.  Contact emma for details