Hi! We are Nick and Allie, and we appreciate you taking time to read about us. Nick is a native Idahoan, and Allie was born and raised in Kansas. We met in 2011 and were married within a year! Nick is a manufacturing engineer and loves to work with his hands. Allie works for a Christian aviation organization that helps isolated people around the world.

Our favorite thing about living in Idaho is the unlimited fun we can have in the great outdoors. We love to ride our bikes on the Greenbelt, camp at Redfish Lake, and adventure for miles on ATV trails. Spending time in the mountains and exploring new corners of Idaho never gets old!

When we’re not out and about, we love just relaxing at home or spending time with our extended family. On the weekends, we can usually be found on our front porch enjoying a cup of coffee and each other’s company.

We admire your strength and courage, and we pray you find the perfect family for your child. Adoption is full of beauty and grace. May the threads of beauty and grace be woven into your story, too.

Nick & Allie

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