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A New Beginning Pregnancy Services and Adoption Agency now providing services to Eastern Oregon

April, 2017 (Eastern Oregon) – A New Beginning Pregnancy Services and Adoption Agency, established in Idaho is now licensed to operate in Oregon and has expanded its  crisis/unplanned pregnancy services  and adoption services to the residents of Eastern Oregon.

A New Beginning was established in October of 2004 in Idaho and has recognized the need for crisis pregnancy services and adoption services in the rural and smaller towns in the surrounding states.  Expanding first into Eastern Oregon, professionals will be available to assist with pregnancies as well as helping families adopt infants and older children from our nations Foster Care system.  While they office is located in Boise, Idaho, several social workers are in satellite areas and/or travel to the girls and families in need.

A New Beginnings crisis pregnancy services are always free & confidential and available 24/7.  A hotline is available at 208-985-5617.  Counselors will help those in a crisis pregnancy review their options and make a plan in a comfortable, nonjudgmental and caring environment.  Visit http://adoptanewbeginning.org/pregnant/pregnancy-services/ for more information about specific services and help that can be provided.

Adoption Services are available to parents and families interested in growing their families through adoption.  A New Beginning provides quality and transparent adoption programs and services including infant adoptions, foster-care adoptions and international adoption services.  We are not accepting adoptive family applications to be considered for our programs.

We invite you to watch our two videos which highlight the beautiful women who have made adoption plans for their babies as well as teen adoptees from the Foster-Adopt programs.

Birth Mother Video:                       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSRnOALQD24

Foster-Adopt Video:                     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0eg8dSdlUA