Thank you so much for taking this time to get to know us! Taking the step to create an adoption plan takes incredible strength, courage, and boundless love. We have endless respect for you on this journey, and would love to share a little bit about ourselves…

Luke and Morgan have been together for eight years and married for almost five. Luke has two amazing daughters- ages 14 (Linnea) and 17 (Annie). Our marriage is based on love, loyalty, a passion for nature, and adventure with friends and family. We love to camp, hike, bike, and have a huge garden at home. Luke and Morgan both work at the University of Idaho and can walk and bike to campus. Luke loves to work with wood and hunt in the Idaho wilderness. Morgan loves photography, painting, and growing flowers.

Family is the most important part of our lives. We love creating memories with the girls (and our siblings and parents) and cherish the times we are all together celebrating holidays, riding bikes, having picnics, and planning fun get-togethers. We’ve wanted to grow our family for years, and we felt a renewed hope after joining A New Beginning. We beyond excited to grow our family through adoption and share our love.

Luke & Morgan

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