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Sponsorships are essential to the success of A New Beginnings adoption and pregnancy services.  A New Beginning’s business partnerships make a big difference.  We invite you to consider joining us through sponsorship of our Annual Birth Mother Tea, Youth Advisory Board (teen adoption ambassadors), Annual National Adoption Month Celebration, Birth mother post adoption support group – Connections, its a girl thing and Birth Mother hospital bags.

Birth Mother Tea Sponsorship – (annual event held Saturday before Mother’s Day)

The Birth Mother Tea is an annual event held on National Birth Mother’s Day, which is the Saturday before Mother’s Day.   All of our Birth Mother’s are invited to the afternoon event and we celebrate each of them for the very special women they are and the incredible impact they’ve had on so many people.  It’s always free to birth mothers.  We invite you to consider being part of the event by sponsoring 1 birth mother’s attendance ($40), sponsoring a table of 8 birth mothers ($300) or becoming a Decadent Table Sponsor. A Decadent Table sponsor decorates and prepares 1 table of 8 to surprise the girls with their creativity.   For more information, please contac tina@adoptanewbeginning.org.    Of course, you can help by make a donation of any size.  Click here.

Foster Adoption and Birth Mother Public Service Announcements – Complete!  Click the links below to view them!

The number of children in Foster Care awaiting permanent placement is staggering.  A New Beginning’s public service announcement will highlight four successful stories of pre-teen and teen adoptions to Idaho families.  There are 10’s of thousands of children in the United States who are waiting for their forever families.  Filming and editing will cost $1,500.  We are searching for sponsor to help us spread the message – WE NEED FAMILIES to adopt these waiting children across the nation.  Please contact tina@adoptanewbeginning.org.

Women and men who select an adoption plan for their parenting plan are often met with stereotypes and a negative stigma. The press release will help debunk myths and negative connotations about birth families by highlighting 6 women and their stories.  A birth family doesn’t give up their baby, they give their baby a life they deserve through an adoption plan.  Filming and editing will cost $1,500.  We are searching for individuals or companies interested in helping with the project.  Please contact tina@adoptanewbeginning.org.

Foster-Adopt Video

Birth mother Video

Homecoming Dance (Annual celebration for Adoptive Families – “Gotcha Day”)

Title sponsor by Zach Evans Construction

It’s not quite what you think.  An adoptive families homecoming day can be compared to a birthday.  It’s the celebration of the day their child became part of their family.  It’s a BIG DEAL.   A New Beginning hosts an annual event in November and it’s called Homecoming Dance.   Adoptive Families are invited to dress up in their finest evening attire and meet us on the dance floor and celebrate an entire night.  We celebrate family, adoption and homecoming.  We hope to raise a total of $5,000 per year to support the Homecoming Dance tradition.  Save the date for our 2017 Homecoming Dance in November 2017.

Connections, it’s a Girl Thing

Connections, It’s a girl thing is a post-adoption support group for birth mother’s who selected adoption plans for their babies.  This monthly meeting provides a safe place for these very special girls to be with other like-experience birth mothers.  While each month is a different event, each is designed to first create bonds and friendships but also build upon self-esteem, values, grief and loss, moving forward, creating healthy connections with the adoptive families and their birth children, resume building, speakers that empower and so much more.   We hope to raise a total of $3,600 per year to support the bond building, education and activities of the Connections group.  You can help by make a donation of any size.  Click here.

Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board is a support group designed for pre-teen and teen adoptees.  They meet twice per month and learn essential skills they may have missed in foster care such as communication skills, financial and career development, teamwork, self-esteem, leadership and fellowship with like-experienced kids their own age.  The program is also an effective mentorship program and they serve as Ambassadors for Adoption while speaking on adoption discussion panels.     We hope to raise a total of $5,400 per year to support the activities and events of the Youth Advisory Board.  You can help by make a donation of any size.  Click here.

Hospital bags for Birth mothers

Adoption is a lifetime journey for everyone involved, the birth family, adoptee and the adoptive parents.   Each has a combination of emotions, but birth families experience tremendous grief and loss.  When each of them leave the hospital, A New Beginning gives each of them a backpack that contains items that may provide some comfort to them in their first days home after placing their babies for adoption.   We hope to raise a total of $3,000 per year to continue to provide hospital bags to our birth mothers.  You can help by make a donation of any size or visit our wish list for items needed.   Click here for donations.

Crisis Pregnancy Hotline

Text or Call  24/7

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