Hello! We are Geoff and Christine. We have been friends since junior high and have been married for 8 years. We grew up in Boise and after trying out life in a few different states, we moved back here to raise our girls. We have two biological daughters, Rylie and Adelaide. Rylie is 6 years old, she’s a big reader and is currently working on the first Harry Potter. She loves taking our dogs on walks and camping with friends and family. Adelaide (Addie) is 4 years old, full of life, and always ready to play. She likes to build with Legos and go on family bike rides. We love our girls and know they will be great big sisters, we’re just missing the last piece of our little family puzzle.

Christine is a special education teacher and loves her job. She has a knack for explaining math to kids who sometimes struggle at school. She coaches Special Olympics, knits hats and hikes with the girls. Geoff is a engineering manager with a local manufacturing company. His job has a flexible schedule, lets him take the dogs to work and helps support his habit of taking on crazy hobbies. Geoff is currently working on converting a school bus into a camper for the family and building a race car with the girls. Both of our parents live in Boise and we see them most weeks for dinner or playing with the grandkids.

I'd like more information about Geoff & Christine