We are David, Stephanie, and Mark and we are excited to tell you a little bit about ourselves. David was raised in Idaho and Stephanie moved to Boise after graduation from high school.  We met in early 2011 and were married in the fall of 2012.  After our wedding, we took an adventure and moved to Boston, MA and lived there for 5 years to grow our careers and enjoy the “big city life.”  As much as we enjoyed our time in Boston, we recently moved back to Idaho in July 2017 to be closer with family and friends.

While living in Boston, our son Mark, was born in 2014. He is an energetic, loving, and imaginative 4-year-old that loves to play. We also have a Golden-Retriever Lab mix named Cooper. Those two are the best pals and love taking laps around our kitchen island after preschool.

Placing your child for adoption is a very thoughtful decision to make.  And while we can only imagine the process you have been through, we admire and thank you for choosing to place your child for adoption.

Family is the most important to us. We work hard to provide for each other and our growing family. We believe in quality time and do many fun activities together. Whether it’s hanging at home or adventuring out to find fun.

We hope to build a lasting relationship with you in a way that is valuable to all of us. We hope to get to know each other and to keep you involved with a level of openness we all agree on to plan fun activities and visits together.

We understand how important this decision is for you to make.  You have our deepest respect and want to thank you again for considering us as an adoptive family for your child.

We hope you can see the love and fun our family has to offer.  We promise that if we are privileged enough to be selected as adoptive parents, we will pour every ounce of love and joy in our hearts to raise your child in our family.

– David & Stephanie

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