Hello! We are David and Jessica. Before we tell you a little about ourselves we first want to express our admiration of you; we will never know how much strength and courage it is taking to make an adoption plan.

We have been in a loving supportive relationship for 7 years. Jessica is a doctor and David is an architect; we relocated to Boise to have a better work life balance. We live in a cute neighborhood north of downtown; it is walkable to beautiful parks, local markets, and shops. We love to enjoy all the local activities and find joy and humor in the everyday things. On our time off we love to travel and learn about new cultures. When at home we make it a point to cook dinner together, we plan to make family dinners a special nightly routine. Family is very important to us and we are lucky enough to have frequent family outings and events.

We have struggled with infertility and the loss of a child due to preterm labor. We have found these issues although hard; have made us a closer stronger couple and have only strengthened our desire to have a family. We are looking for a semi-open adoption plan and like the idea of exchanging letters and pictures. We cannot wait to share our love of life and travel with a little one and appreciate you taking the time to learn a little more about us. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you.

David & Jessica

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