Hi there, we are Dan and Alicia! Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us.  We have two daughters Hannah and Rachel. Our girls are older but still excited to be big sisters!

Some of our favorite things are: traveling, hiking, playing games, EATING and just being together!  We camp a few times each summer and have seen so many beautiful places in our lovely state.  We have also lived overseas for a year and continue to travel out of the country to experience different cultures.

We live in a kid friendly neighborhood with a great elementary school in walking distance.  We have two pound puppies, Mozart and Suzy.  Our family loves to host BBQ’s and have friends and family over often.

Alicia is a reading teacher and Dan is an engineer.  Most nights are filled with doing homework and almost always eating family dinners together at the table.  We also love to veg out on the couch and watch a movie together on the weekends.

Dan and I feel strongly about choosing to adopt.  We have plenty of love, patience and experience to give a child.  We will provide a stable home, unconditional love and support and an education for our children.  We hope to have an open adoption with you and build a trusting relationship.  Please find peace and resolve on your journey.  We don’t know what odds you are facing, but we offer you our support and compassion.


Dan and Alicia

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