I’m inspired by your inner strength as you create a parenting plan for your child(ren).  I hope you’re finding peace in this process.  I offer you my gratitude, respect, support and compassion.  Adopted at 2 months old, I experienced firsthand the profound love gifted to me from my birth and adoptive families.  I’ve always dreamt of adopting a child(ren) and being part of that interconnected circle of love as a parent to 2-3 children.

I’m Cara and my daughter is Zoe.  As an adolescent, I was nicknamed “child whisperer” as people noticed children gathering around me all the time.  I suspect my open caregiving heart, affectionate nature, goofy facial expressions and engaging body language continue to earn me this beloved position.  Exuding peacefulness and empathy, Zoe has been dubbed “Zen Zoe”.  Since she could speak, she’s wished upon countless shooting stars and dandelions for a sibling with whom she could share all of life.

  • Individually and as a family, we prioritize connecting with one another.

These connections take many forms throughout our day: sharing laughter and tears, cuddling, 2-3 sit down meals (often picnics), reading aloud, singing and dancing unabashedly, discussing big feelings, exploring outside, and slowing down to breathe in life’s magic.

  • Upon becoming a parent, I reshuffled my professional and personal commitments and schedules to optimize and maximize time together. Teaching online classes from home, I work when children are napping, sleeping or at school.
  • Zoe joyfully attended “Mama school” from birth until first grade, and that “Mama school” remains open and ready to enroll another child(ren)!
  • We also value connecting with family, friends and community. We consciously invest time, energies and efforts to actively grow a treasure chest of shared memories and weave lifelong heart strings.
  • Other people remark:
  • Our positive attitudes radiate through our genuine smiles and open hearts.
  • Our silly playfulness shines through our winking eyes and soulful giggles.
  • Our empathy and compassion show through our “real” hugs and ability to be present.
  • We celebrate life’s seasonal and daily rhythms with traditions, rituals and routines, yet welcome the unexpected and value unstructured play time.

We hope to be gifted with the opportunity to expand our family with you and your child(ren) and nurture such connections in alignment with your parenting plan.  We commit to live love and love life together. We are honored and excited that you would consider us as a family for your child(ren).

Cheers to life!

Cara & Zoe


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