“Howdy from Brian, Sabrina & Sammie 🙂 We are an active outdoor family, living in the country with hundreds of acres to play in! We love horses & the cowboy buckaroo culture is part of who we are. Faith, family, & critters are all important to us and where we invest most our time & resources. Brian works from home & Sabrina is a stay-at-home mom so our kids get lots of devotion. We conceived Samantha (Sammie) on our own but haven’t had any more children since (6 years ago!) and are excited to have adoption as an avenue to grow our family and Sammie can’t wait to be a big sister! We have adoption on both sides of our family and also many friends who either have adopted or are adopted themselves. We are so thrilled that you are choosing to give life to your child! We know you will find a perfect family for your baby and view your decision to place your child as a supreme act of love. God bless you on your amazing journey!”

I'd like more information about Brian & Sabrina