Hello! We are Bradley and Tiffany. Thank you for taking a minute to learn about us. Placing a child for adoption is a huge decision, and we admire the immense love you must have for your child to even consider it. We have been trying unsuccessfully for three years to have a child of our own. We believe that the way to start our family is through adoption.
Bradley and Tiffany both work for non-profit organizations. Bradley works for a company that writes health information, and Tiffany works as a preschool teacher. We both love our jobs and are excited for what we hope are very long and fulfilling careers. At home, Tiffany likes to bake and sew, and Bradley likes to play board games and read.
There are no other children in our home (yet), but we do have a four-year-old greyhound named Sergeant Pepper. He is the most gentle dog you will ever meet, he loves children, and he is so excited to someday have a new baby friend in the house. Our families both live in town. They are all super supportive and very excited for us as well!
We are hoping for an open or a semi-open adoption, but we are looking forward to making a plan that is right for you and your child. We wish you peace in your journey and in your decision to adopt. Thank you for taking the time to read about us!