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We are seeking: A child to love and encourage throughout their life.

We are: A married couple with our sheepadoodle puppy Humphrey.

Our Location: A family oriented, lively section of Boise, where all are accepted, you tend to know your neighbors, and everything is accessible by walking or biking.

Our faith: We are Christian and attend a church just a few blocks from our house. Our pastor sums up the church’s attitude towards others very well every Sunday: “All are welcome, whether young or old, rich or poor, gay or straight, black or white, republican or democrat, Bronco or Vandal, all means all.” We love this message because we believe that’s how God feels about all of us.

Our pastimes: Playing with our pup, cooking together, outdoor fun (this is Idaho after all), spending time with family, being a part of the community, eating well, having adventures, and watching The Great British Baking Show!

Our adventures: This first adoption, mentoring refugee families, playing outdoors, re-designing our indoors, babysitting our friends’ kids, building furniture for our house, travel, making water filters in Peru, and growing vegetables.

Our absolute favorites: Cruising on our bikes, sampling micro brews, and eating good chocolate!

A note to you: We are praying for you, in whatever decision you end up making. We want what is healthiest and beneficial to all concerned……you, your baby, our family, and the agency. If you have not yet contacted A New Beginning, we encourage you to do it. We have been extremely impressed with them. Each staff member is sincere, experienced, knowledgeable, loving, and each of them truly do care. They can help you, even if you decide to raise your baby yourself. In any case, we’d love to share more about ourselves and we’d love to learn about you!

Andy & Melissa


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