Adoption Services

A full service agency

A New Beginning Adoption Agency is a full-service licensed agency that provides a complete list of services needed to complete your adoption.   Whether your family has selected A New Beginning Adoption Programs or if your family is working with a private adoption or out of state adoption program, we can help.   Families who use A New Beginning programs will automatically receive the required services and fees for each service are built into the program fees unless additional services are required.  Families who are selecting a la cart services will incur individual fees for each services selected.  For more information on service fees, contact

Adoption Legal Services

A New Beginning Adoption Agency is a full service organization providing all of the necessary professional services to complete an adoption including an Adoption Attorney.   We work with Shelly Cozakos for the majority of our Birth Mothers and adoptive families.   Shelly is compassionate and with her experience, understands the delicate manner of the adoption process.  Legal work includes birth mother and birth father’s rights, adoptive families rights and finalizations.

Home Study

A home study is required by the state and/or the international country for each adoption.  A New Beginning Adoption Agency is known for their very thorough home studies.  We can assist families with the home study for their adoption.

Parent Training

A New Beginning takes pride in the essential training it requires for each of it’s adoptive families.  By preparing families with techniques and the best understanding of potential issues they may need to address, the training drastically increases the outcome of a smooth and successful adoption placement.  These training courses have also shown to drastically reduce the chances of disruptions in adoption.   While many adoption agencies do not require this step, A New Beginning does as it’s the right thing to do for the children and families.  Many of Idaho’s other organizations request their families attend our trainings.

Adoptive Family trainings address the following topics and more:  Blending families, trauma, parenting styles, abuse, drugs and alcohol in utero, prenatal care, open, semi-openness and closed relationships with the birth parents and more.

Information Seminars

Adoption is a big decision.  A New Beginning offers at least one Adoption Information Seminar per month and it’s free of charge to adoptive families and other professionals.  The seminars are designed to introduce attendees to the agency and the different types of adoption programs available such as Domestic Infant and Domestic Foster-Adoption programs as well as international adoption.  Please visit our seminars page for the date of the next meeting.

Post-placement and supervision

Legal adoptions require post-placement visits by a licensed social worker after the child has been placed in the home.  The number of visits and/or contacts is determined by the type of the adoption completed.  The prepared documents will be submitted to requesting agencies and/or courts prior to finalization of the adoption.


Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family, however, often counseling is necessary to help blend families or heal the grief and loss a birth mother feels.  We encourage you to consider partnering with a professional to heal and adjust.  A New Beginning’s Wellness Center has counselors who specialize in areas related to families, adoption and grief & loss.  These services are available to birth mothers from our agency as well as outside of the agency, foster families, adoptive families and adoptees.

Meet our counselors Wendy Perez and Becky Marquez.


Adoption Finalization Process

Each adoption requires a Finalization, which requires a court hearing.  Our adoption specialists and attorney can provide the services and completion of paperwork required to represent you and finalize your adoption.

Mediation of open, semi-open and closed relationships

Adoptions can be open, semi-open and/or closed.  This is an agreement that is made between the Birth Family and Adoptive family prior to the birth and/or placement of the baby.   One of A New Beginning’s adoption specialists can mediate the process for as long as possible to ensure obligations within the relationship agreement are met.     While each situation is different, our experience allows us to help each family through this process.

Support Groups

A New Beginning offers different support groups for birth families, adoptees and expectant parents.  Traditionally reserved for A New Beginning families, the support groups have proven to be very helpful in the adoption journey.  Adoptive Parents are invited to join the Expectant Parents Group which meets four times per year and covers topics such as the Match Interview with Birth families, Creating a powerful adoptive parent profile book, preparing for placement and understanding open, semi-open and closed adoptions.  If you are interested in joining the expectant parent group, please contact

If you are a birth parent and interested in joining the monthly Connections, it’s a girl thing group, please contact

If you are interested in joining the pre-teen/teen adoptee support group titled Youth Advisory Board, which meets monthly, please contact