CONGRATULATIONS, Blake and Becca have been matched!
We are Blake and Becca. We are grateful for the opportunity to share a little bit about our family with you. We feel it takes courage and strength to consider adoption. Blake was adopted as an infant and is genuinely grateful to his birth mother for making such a selfless sacrifice, and loving decision. Because of his experience he’s especially aware of the importance of the family feeling unified, supported, loved and accepted.
A little about us:
~We met when we we’re 15 years old at a church youth camp. We didn’t see each other again until 10 years later, this time Becca was recently divorced and had a beautiful 3 year old daughter, Bella. We reconnected through playing basketball and from then on were inseparable. A year later we were married.
~We love the outdoors. Some of our favorite things to do as a family in the outdoors are hiking, basketball, going for walks near the water, riding bikes, backyard movie nights, fire pits, and kayaking. We love to travel, a couple of our favorite places we’ve been are Hawaii, Disneyland, and Mexico. Vacation spots with beaches are always a preference.


  • Born and raised in the suburbs of Seattle, Wa. Youngest of 11 children, 6 of them being half brother’s and sister’s who she didn’t grow up with.
  • Loves to cook, especially ethnic food. Mexican and Indian are favorites!
  • Passion for art, enjoys working on projects(home decorations, refinishing furniture, paintings, jewelry, etc…)
  • Interested in fashion. Loves clothes, and get’s a kick out of changing hair color and style frequently.
  • Part time Cosmetologist, has an in home salon. Also enjoys volunteering at an Assisted Living home, often.
  • Likes to read, mainly biographies and light romance.
  • Loves the outdoors, basketball and hiking are favorites.
  • Born and raised in the suburbs of Seattle, Wa. Has 1 older sister.
  • Loves to play guitar, was in a couple bands growing up. Enjoys listening to music and watching movies, comedies are a favorite!
  • Loves being in nature. Has fun paddle boarding, hiking, running, and playing basketball.
  • Mentor to a young men’s Christian youth group. He loves getting to know them and being a part of their lives.
  • Profession: A business consultant, helping companies with recruiting, sales, and marketing.
  • Enjoys watching sports, Seattle Seahawks, and Oregon Ducks are a couple of his favorites.
  • Loves to eat good food: particularly Mexican, Indian, and pizza.
  • Born and raised in the suburbs of Seattle, Wa.
  • Loves to help mom cook, and bake. Nachos and poppy seed muffins are her favorites!
  • Enjoys playing basketball, having friends over, practicing piano,watching movies, art projects, and reading(mysteries, and fantasies).
  • Loves spending time with family, especially holding baby cousins.
  • Likes to travel, her favorite place she’s been to is Mexico.
As the adoptive family we plan to provide a loving, stable home surrounded by supportive family and friends. He or she will be cherished, given every opportunity to learn and grow and develop, and be loved unconditionally.
Thank you for taking a look-
Blake and Becca​

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